Your care has a lasting impact.

Thanks to your generous support, you’ve had a real impact on families experiencing breast cancer across Australia.

With your help, we’ve been able to fund 20 more McGrath Breast Care Nurses in the past financial year. Nurses who not only provide clinical care but emotional and psychosocial support for the individuals, and their families who are facing a breast cancer diagnosis – for free.

To highlight just how significant the impact of your support is for individuals experiencing breast cancer across Australia, we wanted to share our latest Impact Report with you. It celebrates the extraordinary difference supporters like you have made to thousands of families.

Your Impact

You’ve helped us fund 20 more specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses in 2022/2023, helping us reach a total of 204 nurses.

Within the 20 McGrath Breast Care Nurses that were placed in 2022/2023, 8 of those are specialist Metastatic McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

Right across Australia since 2005.

Answered by our McGrath Breast Care Telephone Support Nurses in 2022/2023.

Were delivered by McGrath Breast Care Nurses in 2022/2023.

Supported across Australia in 2022/2023.

A Message From Our CEO

Realising our mission of ensuring no one misses out on care is within reach, and with your help we will get there.

When I reflect on the past financial year, I feel a great sense of gratitude. Gratitude for our extraordinary nurses; gratitude for our incredible team and gratitude for the truly phenomenal support we have received from people right across Australia.

Thanks to this support, our goal of funding 250 nurses by 2025 is now firmly on the horizon as we work towards our mission of ensuring no one misses out on care.

Over the last 12 months our nurses have collectively received more than 10,500 hours of education, training and professional development. We’re also proud to have updated our McGrath Model of Care to reflect developments in treatment and improve considerations of access, equity, and diversity so that breast cancer patients – no matter who they are or where they live – can receive best practice care.

This report highlights the Foundation’s key achievements and milestones last financial year, but behind every achievement remains countless stories of people with breast cancer who are still missing out on the life-changing care of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse.

It’s these stories that galvanise us as we work towards our goal of reaching 250 nurses by 2025. I truly believe that by working together with the community, our partners and Governments we can achieve extraordinary things.

We know that a future where everyone facing breast cancer has the care they need is possible – but we can’t get there without you.

Holly Masters
CEO, McGrath Foundation

With 1 in 5 people expected to miss out on care last year, we need your help to address the gap and fund 46 new nurses over the next two years.

It costs around $140,000 to fund a McGrath Breast Care Nurse for a year, including training and development, meaning it’s more vital than ever to have the ongoing generosity of donors like you.

Meet Our McGrath Breast Care Nurses

Meet NSW McGrath Breast Care Nurse & Clinical Lead, Samantha Moules

Samantha Moules has been a registered nurse since 1999 and a McGrath Breast Care Nurse since 2016. She is the Clinical Lead for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory and is based in Sydney’s north. Samantha is passionate about making her breast cancer patients’ lives easier by helping coordinate care and providing support.

Meet WA McGrath Breast Care Nurse & Clinical Lead, Maria Waton

Maria Waton has been a nurse for nearly 40 years. She began training in 1984 in Yorkshire, England, then completed a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies at University of York. Maria moved to Perth, Australia in 2010 and began practising as a registered nurse in oncology. She has been a McGrath Breast Care Nurse for more than 12 years and is the Clinical Lead for Western Australia.

Meet VIC McGrath Breast Care Nurse & Clinical Lead, Jo Lovelock

Jo Lovelock is the Clinical Lead for Victoria and Tasmania and an accomplished McGrath Breast Care Nurse with a background in midwifery, lactation, neo-natal care and oncology. She is passionate about providing optimal care for patients from diagnosis and throughout treatment and advocating the McGrath Model of Care. Jo has volunteered around the globe as a breast care nurse.

Meet SA McGrath Breast Care Nurse & Clinical Lead, Katie Evans

Katie Evans is the Clinical Lead for South Australia and Northern Territory and has more than 20 years’ experience as a breast care nurse. She’s a McGrath Breast Care Nurse for Monash Health and has a Bachelor of Nursing, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing. Katie is a trusted mentor for breast care nurses in communities in NT and SA, and helps her patients navigate complex, differing health systems.

Meet QLD McGrath Breast Care Nurse & Clinical Lead, Melissa Gosper

Brisbane-based Melissa Gosper has been a registered nurse since 1996 and a McGrath Breast Care Nurse since 2015. She became the Clinical Lead for Queensland in 2022 and holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Charles Sturt University. Melissa’s speciality is surgical nursing and she is highly skilled in providing assistance to her patients through surgery, from referrals to recovery.