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The McGrath Foundation is grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who help us across our iconic events each year. Thank you to all the volunteers who act as such passionate advocates as part of our Pink Army, and help us support families experiencing breast cancer.

There are currently no volunteer opportunities available.

Helen has made a massive impact

Helen has a huge heart and is one of the most genuinely compassionate people you’ll meet – she is an inspiration to all those around her. She has made a massive impact to the lives of others and has been a volunteer for the McGrath Foundation since the beginning.

“Volunteering has changed my life! I have suffered from chronic illnesses and many other health issues in my life, so I understand how even just the smallest gesture of support can make a difference.”

As an extremely active member in breast cancer communities in Sydney, Helen continues to help countless friends and families affected by the disease.

“My passion to make a difference is what inspires me to take action, after all – we are all human and we never know what is around the corner, so why not be a part of the solution and make life just that bit better for everyone!”

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