Become a McGrath Breast Care Nurse

McGrath Breast Care Nurses are registered nurses who are specially trained to manage the care of people with breast cancer throughout the course of their treatment. A McGrath Breast Care Nurse usually has a background in oncology, breast care or women’s health.

If you’re interested in becoming a McGrath Breast Care Nurse, you will require relevant postgraduate qualifications in breast care nursing or cancer nursing. In addition, all McGrath Breast Care Nurses have a genuine desire to make a difference and support families undergoing a breast cancer treatment by providing them with physical, psychological and emotional support.

Become a Mcgrath Breast Care Nurse

Why I became a McGrath Breast Care Nurse

Sam Moules – Metastatic McGrath Breast Care Nurse since 2016

“Trying to help people with cancer is the most satisfying thing. I get touched by it every day. Once a patient is told that their breast cancer has spread, it’s ‘oh my god, I’m going to die.’ They have to go through the grief, the loss of control to come to a stage where they learn to accept that metastatic breast cancer is now a part of me, a part of the rest of my life. We’re there to keep them disease-free or disease-stable for as long as possible. Trust in any relationship, you have to build over time and it’s the little things that I probably do that go a long way for them.”

To become a breast care nurse you need to...

Registered Nurse Image

Be a registered nurse


Have five years post-registration experience

in either surgical or medical oncology


Have three years experience as a breast care nurse

or related discipline


Have post graduate qualifications

in breast care nursing or cancer nursing

Positions available

The McGrath Foundation provides funding to medical centres in communities right across Australia to employ McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

McGrath Breast Care Nurse – Hobart

The McGrath Breast Care Nurse provides a pivotal contact point for continuity of care for people diagnosed with breast cancer. The position supports and coordinates the patient’s care from diagnosis through surgery, the post-operative period, discharge from hospital back to the community, and is an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team throughout the patient’s treatment.


McGrath Breast Care Nurse – Nepean

An exciting opportunity exists for a McGrath Sponsored Breast Care Nurse to provide specialised breast care, information, education and support to clients relating to breast cancer in accordance with evidence based clinical practice guidelines.


Postgraduate courses

For more information on Post Graduate Nursing Courses visit the below: