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Our culture and values attract fun, smart, articulate and passionate people. It’s this team that makes the McGrath Foundation an incredible place to work. If you’d like to work for us and you’re ready to make a difference, get in touch.

Our values


Friendships that are trustworthy


For each other & the communities that support us


Helping each other to make a difference


Delivering what we say we will, because we have a big responsibility


Belief in our mission

Mutual benefits

Working towards the same goal


Committed to new ideas


Life is to be lived & enjoyed

Positions at the McGrath Foundation

Become a McGrath Breast Care Nurse

McGrath Breast Care Nurses have a genuine desire to make a difference and support families experiencing breast cancer  by providing them with physical, psychological and emotional support from diagnosis and right through treatment.

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Volunteer for us

The McGrath Foundation is grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who help us across our iconic events. You can volunteer for the McGrath Foundation today and help make a difference. Each of our volunteers plays an integral role in helping us to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

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Meet our people

Our team in Sydney looks after our 170 McGrath Breast Care Nurses as well as our incredible supporters. Read more about the people behind our nurses.

Every day what you do matters.
Every day the work you do directly supports thousands of families who are going through breast cancer.
You don’t know them, you may never meet them and yet because of you they have access to a McGrath Breast Care Nurse.
You are the McGrath Foundation. And that means every day you must also live and breathe our values.
The way you act, the way you speak and the choices you make every day must reflect
the McGrath Foundation way:

Do what’s right, even when no one is watching.
Bring your best self and cast a positive shadow.
Show respect and care for everyone, all the time.
Look for the positive.

Learn from our successes and even more from our failures.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Embrace and celebrate diversity.
Be willing to change.

Speak up if something isn’t right.
Be prepared to say no.
Be part of the solution.
Embrace opportunities.

Dress the right way for your day.
Avoid judging others.
Respect confidentiality.
Know and follow our policies and procedures.

Be safe, always.