Tyre Dealers Go Pink

The blokey world of tyre retailing is set to take on a particularly pink and feminine hue with a major fundraising initiative for the McGrath Foundation on February 19.

Leading Tyre manufacturer Kumho has thrown further support behind the McGrath Foundation, in addition to their generous $100,000 donation, with a novel fundraising initiative involving the company’s network of tyre dealers around the country on Pink Fitters Day, February 19.

Kumho tyre dealer staff and fitters around the country will don special pink shirts for the day as a sign of their support for the McGrath Foundation and the vital work it is doing in caring for women with breast cancer and their families through access to McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia as well as increasing breast awareness amongst young Australian women.

Every Kumho tyre dealer staff member who dons a pink shirt on February 19 will help donate $9 to the McGrath Foundation, with a target to raise $15,000 from the day.

According to Kumho Tyre’s marketing manager, David Basha, the tyre industry is a blokey business, but there is a groundswell of support for the fundraising day, which will see dealer staff displaying a bit of pink in their showrooms in support of the McGrath Foundation.

“It indicates that people in the tyre industry understand that breast cancer, as Glenn McGrath always says, doesn’t just affect women – it affects families,” said David Basha.

Sydney tyre dealer Wilpower Tyres in Revesby is one of the many Kumho tyre outlets that is embracing Pink Fitters Day.

Uniquely, Wilpower Tyres is owned and run by women and proprietor Jenny Martin says the Kumho initiative is one that has found real support with tyre dealers around the country. It is the only tyre service in Australia owned and completely staffed by women.

“The tyre business is sometimes a pretty challenging and tough work environment and there is usually not a lot of pink in our day-to-day operations, which will only serve to further underline the importance of this fundraising initiative,” said Jenny Martin.

“Our team is fully behind it and I know all the guys at Kumho dealerships are keen to support Pink Fitters Day and the McGrath Foundation.”

Kumho Australia’s managing director, Edmund Cho, said the initiative was part of the tyre makers ‘100,000 Good Reasons’ program, which will deliver $100,000 to the McGrath Foundation in 2010, and is in line with the company’s efforts to contribute positively to communities in which it does business all across the world.

“As a tyre company, Kumho is committed to working hard to provide a substantial contribution to the betterment of people and society in general.”

“Kumho has been marketing products in Australia for over 30 years and as a company we felt it was time to give back to the community,” said Mr Cho.

“In Korea, our approach to corporate and social responsibility is described as “arum daun giup”, which literally translated means ‘beautiful company,’” said Mr Cho.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Kumho is using innovative technology to develop more environmentally friendly tyres.

Kumho’s range of Aroma Technology tyres launched in 2009 give off a perfumed scent when the rubber compound is warmed up by road friction.

Tyre customers are urged to support Kumho’s backing of the McGrath Foundation by visiting their local Kumho tyre dealer even if it is just to offer a word of support to the pink clad tyre fitters and consultants or for a safety check of their vehicle.

“We believe Pink Fitters Day will grow into a major annual event in the tyre industry as more and more tyre retailers come on board in years to come to support the McGrath Foundation and the great work it is doing to support women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families right across Australia,” David Basha concluded.

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