Pinking up your town is no small feat… Just ask Mudgee!

Pinking up your town is no small feat. It takes creativity, passion, and drive. Just ask Hugh Bateman, who has been heading up Pink Up Mudgee for five years running. Hugh has been a long-time supporter of the McGrath Foundation and has taken Pink Up Your Town to new heights.

Pink Up Mudgee became a reality back in 2016, when Hugh was sitting down for a coffee with McGrath Foundation Ambassador & Director Tracy Bevan. Tracy was there to thank Hugh for his incredible Pink Tractor Trek, where he drove a pink tractor across NSW to raise money for McGrath Breast Care Nurses. Tracy and Hugh hit it off, discussing the McGrath Foundation and Hugh’s creative fundraising efforts, so Pink Up Your Town felt like a natural fit for the outgoing Mudgee real estate agent, and a way to get his whole town involved.

Since then, Pink Up Mudgee now has a seven-person committed dedicated to making the event happen each year, made up of community members who assist in the planning and organisation of different events. For Mudgee, the focus is on fun- with a huge range of events taking place over the years, from clay target shooting to painting the houses pink.

This year over 70 businesses have registered to be involved in the Pink Up Mudgee celebrations. While Covid has meant that some events need to shift back, it hasn’t dampened the Mudgee spirit. They’re rearranging everything to later in the year and early next year including a Pink Golf Day, Pink Polo, and Pink Fishing.

No matter what your interests, there’s something for everyone at Pink Up Mudgee. We can’t wait to see how it turns out this year and cannot thank them enough for the amazing support over the years. Mudgee has been one of the McGrath Foundation’s longest community fundraising partners and they consistently make every year even better than the last!

See what Mudgee has been up to this October!

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