Pink ‘Boobsled’ Back Frok Antarctica! – McGrath Foundation

Geoff Wilson, the Gold Coast animal vet with an adventurous spirit, completed his grueling journey across one of the planet’s toughest environments on the iconic Jane McGrath Day during the Commonwealth Bank Ashes Pink Test. Geoff is the third person, and first Australian, to ever complete the crossing of Antarctica – and broke a world record or two while he was at it! He used skis and his pink ‘boobsled’, a mould of his wife’s breasts to cross the continent faster than any other person before him.

Geoff’s mission was not only to complete this intrepid adventure across the ice but also to promote breast awareness and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation whilst doing so. So far the adventurer has raised over $200,000 and you can still show your support for his extraordinary efforts by donation here.

The inspiration behind Geoff’s mission was friend Kate Carlyle who was twice diagnosed with breast cancer. The challenges of completing this journey solo and unassisted were tough but Geoff has done great things in bringing breast awareness to the forefront of young Australians and brought the issue to the attention of the global community too.

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