Patrick Stevedores Launches Pink Hards Hats

Pink may be the colour you least expect to see on a wharfie, but stevedores at Patrick’s Container Terminal in Sydney are proving it takes a real man to wear pink, with their entire Botany staff of 400 fitted out with the new McGrath Pink Hard Hat, sporting the McGrath Foundation logo and in the Foundation’s iconic hot pink.

Patrick’s adoption of the “hot” pink hard hats, in collaboration with the Martime Union of Australia, came about because of an overwhelming number of workers wanting to show their support of the McGrath Foundation on the job site everyday.

Co-Founder and Chairman of the McGrath Foundation, Glenn McGrath, is thrilled the McGrath Foundation has been able to help the Patrick stevedores show their support through their active take-up of the new McGrath Pink Hard Hats.

“Jane would have loved to have seen Patrick’s wharfies stepping onto the docks in their McGrath Pink Hard Hats, to set such a good example for all Aussies. As she used to say, it takes a real man to wear pink.”

“As experienced at the Sydney Test in January, we couldn’t be more proud to see so many Australian men willing to take a stand and wear pink to promote breast awareness. By doing so, they are supporting the women in their life affected by breast cancer. After all, breast cancer is not just a women’s issue, it affects families.”

In the lead up to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the launch of McGrath Pink Hard Hats is a timely reminder that all Australians must be breast aware, with Patrick stevedores playing an integral role in increasing breast awareness across the country just by wearing their protective pink hard hats.

Patrick Port Botany Terminal HR Manager, John Fletcher, is excited about the venture, saying, “We are incredibly proud to be partnering with the McGrath Foundation. It is our hope that Patrick stevedores will stand out from the crowd in their new McGrath Pink Hard Hats – and that in so doing, Australians from all walks of life will become breast aware. It is also a great opportunity to remind the Patrick’s community, our staff and their families, that breast awareness leads to early detection, which can save lives.”

The McGrath Foundation’s motto, ‘together, we can make a difference’, is certainly evident in the collaboration of the Maritime Union of Australia and Patrick Terminals in this initiative.

Maritime Union of Australia’s representative, Aaron More, says, “Many of our members have been affected by breast cancer, whether it is through their own diagnosis, or that of a loved one. This is why they have been so keen to get behind the McGrath Foundation, supporting a good cause by wearing their McGrath Pink Hard Hats.”

“Initially, we did look at more traditional fundraising ideas such as gold coin donations or BBQs but we actually really wanted something that showed our support 365 days of the year, rather than a one-off token gesture. The McGrath Pink Hard Hats will be a reminder each and everyday that we support the McGrath Foundation cause and are helping educate Australian women and their partners,” said Aaron.

“Hopefully, organisations like Patrick will be a conduit to encourage other industries like construction and mining to follow suit and take-up the cause by investing in these one-of-a-kind McGrath Pink Hard Hats that truly make a difference.” said Glenn.

“And, the range is only set to get bigger, so who knows – there may even be a pink crane on the way one day!” said Glenn.

While the new McGrath Pink Hard Hats will promote valuable breast awareness, a donation will also be made to the McGrath Foundation for each hard hat sold, helping fund additional McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia.

For further information about the new range of McGrath Foundation pink safety wear and how your company can get involved, please call (02) 8962 6100 or visit

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