Breast Care Nurse Update – November 2010

McGrath Breast Care Nurses at the Breast Care Nurse Practicum

The Breast Care Nurse Practicum, which brings together breast care nurses from rural and regional Australia, was recently held at the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute in NSW.

Run three times a year in collaboration with the McGrath Foundation and the College of Nursing, the Breast Care Nurse Practicum is designed to provide support to breast care nurses working in rural and regional Australia and equip them with additional clinical experience and knowledge about breast cancer. We’re proud to say five of our McGrath Breast Care Nurses have attended the practicum during 2010.

Meet Michelle Hamblin, McGrath Breast Care Nurse for Colac, VIC

Michelle has worked as a nurse for over 25 years and has broad experience in the nursing field, working in oncology, education and community nursing. Michelle provides valuable support to women in the Colac area.

“I am very excited about becoming a McGrath Breast Care Nurse and look forward to providing support to women with breast cancer, and their families, in our rural community. I will also be promoting the importance of breast awareness and early detection.”

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