My Daughter Has Breast Cancer

“My daughter has breast cancer but ours is a positive story – I want people to know that theirs could be too.”

“We all have grand plans for our children. We raise them, we nurture them, we teach them right from wrong. Then we send them out into the world to live their best lives while we look forward to weddings, grandchildren and all the other fun stuff. But one phone call can change everything.

My name is Caron. I received that call in mid 2018. My daughter Danielle, then only 28, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. My whole world crashed in an instant.

I wanted to share my daughter’s story so you can see the difference your support of McGrath Breast Care Nurses makes.

Thirty years ago, I was over the moon to be pregnant with a baby girl. I imagined all the “girly things” we would do together and the special relationship we would share. We’re lucky to have a beautiful bond. People say they see it the minute you meet us. We’re not just mum and daughter, we’re best friends.

Danielle was like any other twenty-something: career focused, into fashion and going out with her friends. But a few months before her birthday, Danielle sat anxiously in the hospital waiting room after finding a lump on her breast. She said to me ‘‘If this is cancer, I don’t know how I’ll get through it.”

The day you receive a call to say your daughter has breast cancer is a day you will never forget.

I knew I had to be strong for Danielle so we could fight it together; yet we were confronted by overwhelming decisions. Should Danielle have a single or double mastectomy? Would she be able to have children in the future? Should she freeze her eggs before starting chemo? How would she manage financially and hold down her job?

These were the type of questions that a mum can’t answer for her daughter alone, and whilst I was always by Danielle’s side I didn’t want to influence her choices. During difficult times like this the support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is vital.

It was then that we met Catrina, a pink-haired McGrath Breast Care Nurse who helped us navigate the roller coaster ahead. Catrina became our most trusted source of information, advice and reassurance at a time when there was so much fear and uncertainty.

It is because of the generous donations from people like you, Danielle and I had the support of McGrath Breast Care Nurse Catrina, to help guide us through.


Armed with the specialist advice and support of Catrina, Danielle was able to make the choice to have a double mastectomy. Catrina attended hospital appointments helping both Danielle and I understand the technical and complex information and provided resources on treatment options from chemo, drug treatment, IVF, radiology.

Working and living a normal life is hugely important to my daughter. She’s determined to maintain her sense of self and not let cancer rule her. Catrina helps Danielle live her best life – ensuring medical appointments are scheduled around Danielle’s work, and helping to make her feel confident with the practical and emotional support.

Danielle has now just finished radiotherapy; post-surgery treatments are complete and she’s looking to the future. She’s excited about going travelling and is planning a post-treatment party.

My daughter knows that without Catrina her breast cancer experience would have been very different. If only every family could have a McGrath Breast Care Nurse by their side.

That’s exactly the goal of the McGrath Foundation and it is why they need your help. As the demand for McGrath Breast Care Nurses is increasing they need to make sure support is there for families when it is needed the most.

Together we can make a difference. Donate today!

Thank you.


“We couldn’t have got through this without Catrina. She’s our angel with pink hair”

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with early or metastatic breast cancer a McGrath Breast Care Nurse can help by providing support to you and your family.
If you need support, we’re here to help.

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