Mount Barker Welcomes New Breast Care Nurse

Mount Barker now has access to a dedicated McGrath Breast Care Nurse to support local families experiencing breast cancer, thanks to funding supplied by the McGrath Foundation.

Newly appointed McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Kylie Campbell, based at Adelaide Hills Community Health Centre, will provide physical, psychological and emotional support for families experiencing breast cancer, from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Kylie is an experienced nurse with a broad range of nursing skills. With more than 20 years of experience in the health sector, Kylie has gained qualifications as a general nurse, midwife, lactation consultant and in health management. She has moved between acute and community health in both rural and metropolitan settings.

Kylie first became interested in breast cancer care while caring for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who were diagnosed with breast cancer and her knowledge and experience in this area has continued to grow since then.

Kylie believes that through her new position as a McGrath Breast Care Nurse she can contribute positively to her local community, providing support to women experiencing breast cancer, and their families.

‘I work hard to ensure equitable access to services for all women and men experiencing breast cancer, as well as their carers, regardless of geographical location or financial position. Increasing the awareness of health professionals and the general community in relation to early detection and treatment of breast cancer is another important part of my role as a McGrath Breast Care Nurse. I am looking forward to the challenge of this new role, as well as developing a position that is new to the health service,’ said Kylie.

Co-founded by Jane and Glenn McGrath after Jane’s initial recovery from breast cancer, the McGrath Foundation aims to raise much-needed funds to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia, whilst increasing breast awareness in younger women.

McGrath Foundation Ambassador and Director, Tracy Bevan, is thrilled about the placement of the latest McGrath Breast Care Nurse in Mount Barker.

‘Coupled with their professional knowledge, McGrath Breast Care Nurses offer a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and the opportunity for patients to share their frustrations and emotions with someone outside their immediate family.

‘When Jane passed away in June 2008, we had just four McGrath Breast Care Nurses. Today, thanks both to funding from the Australian Government and the extraordinary ongoing support of people right across Australia, our McGrath Breast Care Nurses have helped support over 10,000 Australian families,’ said Tracy.

The McGrath Foundation has helped support over 10,000 Australian families experiencing breast cancer, with 64 McGrath Breast Care Nurses working in communities right across Australia. There are McGrath Breast Care Nurses located in areas as far reaching as Hervey Bay (QLD), Geraldton (WA), Armidale (NSW), Warrnambool (VIC) and Port Lincoln (SA). It costs about $350,000 to place a McGrath Breast Care Nurse in the community for a three year period. To make a donation to the McGrath Foundation, please visit

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