Meet Peggy Briggs, Breast Care Nurse in WA

Peggy has been nursing for 13 years within both metropolitan and rural hospitals. She has spent 10 years working in cancer care, including a role as a specialist breast care nurse at Fremantle Hospital.

As a McGrath Breast Care Nurse at Geraldton Hospital, Peggy will be helping support patients in a very large geographical area of 605,000 square kilometres, covering the Midwest, Murchison and Gascoyne regions of WA.

“I support the philosophy of the McGrath Foundation and feel privileged to be given the opportunity to work as a McGrath Breast Care Nurse,” said Peggy. “In my role, I will endeavour to ensure that women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, along with their families, are provided with best practice standards in their care coordination, support and education.”

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