Meet Our Pink Army of Volunteers!

Another summer of cricket is right around the corner and so is our favourite moment of the season… the NRMA Insurance Pink Test! The incredible energy and passion that our Pink Army brings year after year really makes the Pink Test a truly unforgettable experience, and we wanted to shout out a few of our amazing volunteers who have already signed up for the 2024 Pink Test.

Brett Moorgas

For years, Brett Moorgas has been generously fundraising and volunteering for the McGrath Foundation, showing unwavering support for families experiencing breast cancer.

“Once I knew the level of support that a McGrath Breast Care Nurse provides; not only to their patients but also to their families, it inspired me to do whatever I can to help the Foundation reach their goal of ensuring that no one experiencing breast cancer misses out on care.”

Earlier this year, Brett donned a bright pink polo and volunteered at the 2023 NRMA Insurance Pink Test, helping the administration team process donations and Virtual Pink Seats. ‘It was awesome to see so many people who were so happy to give their time to help, whether it was receiving donations on the grounds or helping in the office. Meeting the McGrath Foundation team, who are some of the most committed and nicest people you could meet, made the experience a memorable one!”

Brett’s advice for anyone thinking of volunteering at the Pink Test is, “If you can do it whether it’s for one day or the entire week, you’ll have a lot of fun, meet some great people, and contribute to a charity that makes a real difference to many people around Australia.

Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia has just celebrated 16 years cancer-free!

Reflecting on her breast cancer experience, Cynthia shared that managing medical and family demands would have been difficult without her McGrath Breast Care Nurse. “She knew how to navigate the medical system, she was an integral part of my multi-disciplinary team, I talked to her most days and she organised appointments for me.”

A strong advocate for breast health understanding, Cynthia volunteered solo for the first time at the 2023 NRMA Insurance Pink Test, immediately connecting with long-term volunteers, chatting to attendees about the McGrath Foundation’s fundraising goals, and sharing how she was a proud recipient of a wonderful McGrath Breast Care Nurse.

“I had such a good time. I’m already signed up for 2024 to hear people’s stories, raise funds, and make lovely connections.”

If you’re thinking of volunteering for the NRMA Insurance Pink Test in 2024, Cynthia says, “Don’t hesitate! Even if you don’t know anything about cricket. It’s such a great cause, an amazing atmosphere, and the more people we have out there the better.”

Natalie Brumby

Natalie was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, and it was the invaluable care that she received from her McGrath Breast Care Nurse that inspired her, alongside her daughter, to volunteer at the 2023 Pink Test.

“It was special to be able to volunteer with my daughter this year as she knows how important the support I received from my McGrath Breast Care Nurse was. Next year, my son will be volunteering with us too. They both lived through my diagnosis and understand the importance of raising funds for these wonderful nurses.”

When asked about her favourite moment from the Pink Test, Natalie shared, “Our first donation was from a man who approached us without being asked. He donated $50 and shared with us that his mother had passed away many years ago from breast cancer. I shared my story with him, and he was so happy to hear how far treatments had come and that I had benefited from a McGrath Breast Care Nurse. It was touching in so many ways.”

Meg Russell

Meg’s positive outlook has carried her through some life-changing challenges, including experiencing breast cancer herself and supporting her daughters, Kellie and Tracey, through their own breast cancer diagnoses. Sadly, Meg’s eldest daughter Tracey passed away in 2012 at the age of 43.

“Kellie had lots of travel to get medical care, more than 300km. But she always had a McGrath Breast Care Nurse for support over the phone, because of the distance.”

Meg’s incredible energy and compassion inspired her to volunteer each day of the 2023 NRMA Insurance Pink Test. “In my first Pink Test, I was by myself, but then I teamed up with another lady and we clicked. So, each morning by 8 o’clock, we’d be walking through the crowd having fun.” Meg rang her daughter after that first day and said, “Kellie, I’m having the most wonderful time!”

If you’re thinking of volunteering at the 2024 NRMA Insurance Pink Test, Meg says, “Just do it! Team up with other volunteers, smile, rattle your tin and put yourself out there.”

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