Meet our Dry July-ers!

Michael Sallustio

It’s Michael’s first time taking on Dry July and he’s absolutely raised the bar. Not only has he decided to give up alcohol for 30 days, but he’s pledged to dye his hair pink if he smashes his $700 fundraising goal!!

When we asked Michael what was keeping him strong to his pledge this July, he shared it was his own families experience with breast cancer that kept him going.

“Breast cancer is something that has really impacted my mum’s side of our family.

We sadly lost my grandmother at the age of 69 and one of my aunts at 50 both to metastatic breast cancer. Because of the family history my mum and her sister made the choice to have a prophylactic mastectomy back in 2002. It’s remembering their experiences that make Dry July easy, even though I work part-time at BWS.”

Not only is Michael dodging the temptations on the work front, but he’ll also be celebrating his birthday this July! Instead of shouting him a birthday beer, Michael has asked his mates to donate to Dry July. Help us get Michael to $700 and he’ll pink up his hair too.

Lucy Quinlan

A fellow first timer, Lucy, was inspired to go Dry this July in support of her sister Emily, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September at only 25 years old. As Lucy shares, “Emily’s diagnosis changed our lives, turning our world upside down in ways we wouldn’t expect. Not only was I inspired to go dry for Emily, but also for her number one supporter through this entire process, her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Joylene.

Joylene has been Emily’s rock.

As much as we have all wanted to be there to care for Em, Joylene has been able to be there for her in ways no one else could. She has guided Em and empowered her to face the unimaginable. Joylene has been whatever Em needs her to be; her nurse, her friend, her teacher, her councilor, her shoulder to cry on, her reassurance, her second mum and her hope when all felt lost. We are eternally grateful to Joylene and the McGrath Foundation for the support they have and will continue to provide for Em and our family in the future.

So much of this experience has felt out of my control so far, so being able to support the McGrath Foundation to ensure that no one goes through breast cancer without the care of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse has been something I can do to show my appreciation, gratitude and support for the many people that will be in our shoes in the future. If I can make a small sacrifice to help make a difficult time a little easier for those affected by breast cancer that’s what matters to me most.

Brett Moorgas

Brett is what we like to call one of our veteran Dry July-ers. 2022 is Brett’s third year in a row going dry in support of McGrath Breast Care Nurses, talk about committed! “I do it each year as it is a personal way of helping out the Foundation to raise as much money as possible. That and it doesn’t do my health any harm by not drinking for a month!” Brett shares.

Brett’s support of the McGrath Foundation goes further back than the past three years

but he says it was at a Jane McGrath High Tea that he fully understood the impact initiatives like Dry July have on people experiencing breast cancer.

“It was there when I heard the stories first-hand of how the McGrath Breast Care Nurses help patients and their families and I realised the impact our donations have on those who need care most. Since that day, I have made an effort see how I can help; both professionally and personally.”

Brett also has a key piece of advice for his fellow Dry Julyers: “If you feel any doubts, just remember that no matter how much money you raise, it will make a difference”.

Esin Ustundag

Esin had two reasons to go Dry this July. She knew she needed to take a break from alcohol, but was hesitant to make the commitment but some friendly encouragement from her pal Adrien really got her over the line. But it wasn’t just the detox that inspired her, recently Esin found a lump in her breast, “thankfully for me, the lump was benign but the whole process of the check up with really very stressful. Having experienced how terrifying that was, I couldn’t go past raising money to fund further nurses to support those experiencing breast cancer.” Esin shares.

“This will have been the longest break from alcohol I’ve had for around 10 years. Yikes!

At first I was terrified of failing, but I don’t really have any cravings for it. There’s so much in the way of 0% beers nowadays, it’s been oddly easy to keep on track.”

Esin is so close to her fundraising target, let’s help her get there!

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