McGrath Foundation Supporters Dry July effort raises record amount for people experiencing breast cancer

Last month saw thousands of people nationwide, including our McGrath Breast Care Nurses and McGrath Foundation team, give up alcohol to raise money for families experiencing breast cancer. While it may have felt like a long month for some, we are extremely grateful to everyone that got involved and donated to the McGrath Foundation.

This year saw the fourteenth annual Dry July campaign and the McGrath Foundation’s third year as a major beneficiary. Everyone from CEO Holly Masters to our McGrath Breast Care Nurses, was proud to join in and raise much needed funds for people experiencing breast cancer.

1,159 people ditched alcohol for a month and kindly supported the McGrath Foundation, raising over an incredible $504,500. Money raised will go towards funding McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia. These McGrath Breast Care Nurses provide invaluable physical and psycho-social support, from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. They also provide a crucial source of emotional support during what can be a very frightening time.

It is through fundraising efforts like Dry July that we’re able to continue providing is vital service to communities across the country. Funding for 80 more McGrath Breast Care Nurses is needed to ensure that every family has access to the support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse and important fundraising activities like Dry July help us get closer to this goal.

We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone that got involved and supported us this Dry July. Cheers to such an amazing effort!

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