Glenn McGrath Hands Chairmanship Over To John Conde

FRIDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2013 ‘ SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA ‘ The McGrath Foundation announced today that Co-Founder, Glenn McGrath AM, will step into the role of President and hand the chairmanship of the McGrath Foundation to current Board Director and well-known businessman, John Conde AO. Glenn remains committed to the McGrath Foundation’s future success and will stay an integral part of the McGrath Foundation Board by not only retaining his Director responsibilities but also taking on the role of President.

After five years in the Chairman’s role, Glenn has made the decision to step into the role of President and pass the chairmanship over to allow someone with a deep business acumen to step in to guide the McGrath Foundation to continued success in achieving its vision of a breast care nurse for every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia.

In his new role as President, Glenn will:

‘ Continue his role as a Board Member. At the same time, Glenn and his children will continue to represent ‘ of Company Membership.
‘ Uphold the original vision for the McGrath Foundation to ensure a breast care nurse for every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia, no matter where they live or their financial situation, as well as to increase breast awareness in young Australians, particularly young women.
‘ Represent the McGrath Foundation through major initiatives.
‘ Continue to connect with the business world and broader community.

John was chosen by Glenn and the Board to join them in May 2012. With his considerable experience in the health, sports, tourism and energy industries, Glenn and the McGrath Foundation Board believe John will help guide the Foundation to continuing success.

McGrath Foundation President and Co-Founder, Glenn McGrath, is incredibly proud of how far the McGrath Foundation has come over the past five years, with 85 McGrath Breast Care Nurses currently working nationally who have helped support almost 21,000 Australian families experiencing breast cancer.

‘Jane and I had no way of knowing the McGrath Foundation would have achieved so much in such a short period of time when we first decided to help families experiencing breast cancer in Australia.

‘My family and I are so incredibly proud of our achievements to date but we know we have a huge undertaking to see our vision of a breast care nurse to support every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia, so it is time for me to step into the role of President and pass the chairmanship to someone with the broader business experience to work with me and all of us at the Foundation to bring continuing success.

‘I believe John Conde is the person to help lead us in the right direction to see our vision become a reality.

‘I remain completely committed to the McGrath Foundation as President and look forward to continuing my responsibilities by representing the Foundation through various community and business initiatives to uphold the original vision for the Foundation,’ said Glenn.

New Chairman of the McGrath Foundation, John Conde, said it’s an honour and a pleasure to take on this new responsibility, working with Glenn to help the McGrath Foundation with its future goals.

‘Having been invited to join the McGrath Foundation Board in May 2012, it’s my pleasure to accept the chairmanship of such a wonderful organisation which has made such a significant impact on the Australian community.

‘Glenn is inspirational and has done a wonderful job leading the McGrath Foundation Board over the past five years as its chairman. Glenn will continue his inspirational leadership in his new role as President. I am excited to be working with Glenn, the Board and the Executive of the Foundation.’

The role of Chairman of the McGrath Foundation includes the following:

‘ Leadership of the Board in monitoring the management of the company.
‘ Ensuring the Board functions efficiently and effectively.
‘ Setting the agenda and ensuring the Board meets often enough to be effective.
‘ Briefing Board Members with respect to issues arising at Board meetings and ensuring they have access to adequate information.
‘ Ensuring all Board Members can and do contribute effectively to the Board.
‘ Promoting good relations between Board members and Management.

Everyone at the McGrath Foundation looks forward to working with Glenn in his new role as President and with John as the new McGrath Foundation Chairman.

The McGrath Foundation remains committed to seeing its vision become a reality to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia has access to a breast care nurse, no matter where they live or their financial situation and increased breast awareness across the entire community.

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