Two New Nurses Join the Team!

We are delighted to welcome Erin Primmer from Albury Wodonga and Karen Sprigg from Perth as the two most recent additions to our ever growing team of wonderful McGrath Breast Care Nurses!

Karen Sprigg has over 30 years’ experience in nursing and will be taking on the role of the first dedicated metastatic McGrath Breast Care Nurse in WA, providing invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support to people with secondary stage 4 breast cancer.

The needs for patients with metastatic cancer are really quite specialised and the demand for this support is growing. Last year, Breast Cancer Care WA saw a 40 per cent rise in clients with metastatic breast cancer and therefore Karen’s role is more crucial than ever.

Karen said; ‘My role is to provide an outlet outside of the family unit with whom patients can express their fears. Often patients want to protect their family and won’t want to express those concerns, so it is important that they can come to me instead’.

Erin Primmer is continuing the excellent work that outgoing McGrath Breast Care Nurse Jodie Hart has already provided.

For more than five years, the two McGrath Breast Care Nurse positions in Albury Wodonga have helped over 1,650 families. Erin knows diagnosis is a confusing time and she will be there to talk her patients through the process and help ease their fears.

‘I am someone my patients can call upon no matter what. I’m someone they feel comfortable sharing their journey with and a friendly face during a difficult time,’ said Erin.

Karen and Erin, welcome to the McGrath Foundation team! We are so grateful for the specialised support you’ll be offering to families experiencing breast cancer.

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