Fundraising at home has never been so simple!

Community fundraising is a great way to get involved and raise money for a cause that’s close to your heart. It gives you a chance to get stuck in, give back to the community, and make a difference. However, if you haven’t fundraised before, you may be wondering how does it work? Or where you should start?

The great news is that fundraising can be whatever you make it! It’s up to you to decide exactly how you want to fundraise, in a way that suits you. From a veteran supporter to a first-timer, fundraising looks different for everyone.

Undoubtedly, fundraising looks a little different right now, but it’s never been more important. It has been an incredibly challenging time for all of us but especially so for families experiencing breast cancer. So with Breast Cancer Awareness Month right around the corner, October has never been a better time to jump in and try your hand at fundraising!

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to get started, check out our handy list of ideas and figure out what works for you.


Host a virtual event

With current restrictions limiting the possibility of a physical get-together, virtual events pose a fun and safe alternative. The best part of hosting a virtual event is that you’re not hindered by geography, the venue, or logistics- and no one needs to organise a babysitter!

From your own home, you can run a whole mix of online events, such as a Trivia Night, cooking class, or virtual yoga practice. It’s an easy, low-commitment way to get the community involved in fundraising, by purchasing online tickets or making a donation. Because it’s virtual, there is also no limit to the number of people that join in, meaning you can invite as many people as you like.


Take on a personal challenge

Have you been thinking recently about running a mini-marathon? Or maybe you want to give up coffee for a month? Whatever your personal challenge may be, you can use it as a way to raise money for McGrath Breast Care Nurses. You could take that money you would have spent on coffee, shopping or dining out and redirect straight towards supporting families experiencing breast cancer. Or even invite friends and family to sponsor you on the journey to achieving your personal goal. Either way, it is a win-win way to fundraise; you can tick a goal off your list and raise vital funds at the same time.

Your personal challenge can also be as serious or as fun as you like. Don’t feel like you have to conquer Mount Kosciuszko, the important thing is that you’re getting involved and making a difference.

Meet Lana & Addie

Last October best friends Lana and Addie embraced their restrictions and set off to run, walk, skip or jump 5km every day in October! Both Lana and Addie had family members who’d experienced breast cancer so used Breast Cancer Awareness Month as their opportunity to raise awareness and over $5,000 for McGrath Breast Care Nurses!

Run a silent auction

A silent auction is a fantastic, and fun, way of raising money for charity. Local businesses or individuals can donate prizes, which are then auctioned off to members of the community. The good news is that an auction works both virtually and in person, so it’s up to you how you want to host it.

It’s also a great way for local businesses to boost their awareness in the community and contribute to a good cause. By having a good mix of prizes, like a treatment at the local hair salon or tickets to the cinema, you can appeal to lots of different audiences and generate even more bids.


Keep it simple

Lastly, not all fundraising has to be focused on an event or a challenge. In fact, it can be as straightforward as setting a donation target and passing around the virtual bucket. If you want to try your hand at raising some money, an easy way is to simply ask your friends and family to support McGrath Breast Care Nurses this October.

Why not invite your friends to each donate $55 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to your fundraising page, for the 55 people diagnosed with breast cancer every day in Australia? Setting up an online fundraising page is an easy way to track your effort and donations. It only takes five minutes to set up and can be shared on your social media for friends and family to join in.

Meet Mia

At only 8 years old, Mia decided to cut 38cm of her hair off and fundraise in memory of her mum’s best friend, Briony, who passed away in July 2020. ‘I want to raise money for the beautiful McGrath Breast Care Nurses that helped Briony, cared for her, and supported her when she was sick.’ Mia shared.
With her friends, family, and school community behind her, Mia raised an incredible $5,600 in the lead-up to the big day. In case that wasn’t already enough, Mia also donated her hair to be used to make a wig for another woman just like Briony.

An at-home haircut or shave is an incredible way to show your support for people experiencing breast cancer but is also a super easy fundraising idea!

Overall, it is through the incredible effort of community fundraisers across Australia that we’re able to continue funding McGrath Breast Care Nurses. The money raised by our supporters goes towards maintaining the valuable service provided by the McGrath Foundation. McGrath Breast Care Nurses help people with breast cancer, and their families, by providing invaluable physical psychological support, from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. This service is free, regardless of whether you are in the public or private health system.

We are so grateful to everyone that gets involved in fundraising for the McGrath Foundation, particularly during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We cannot thank you enough and can’t wait to hear about all the great fundraising ideas this year.

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