1st Metastatic Breast Care Nurse in NSW

McGrath Foundation is thrilled to welcome Sam Moules, New South Wales’ first dedicated metastatic McGrath Breast Care Nurse, to Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital.

McGrath Foundation is committed to supporting families experiencing breast cancer at every stage of the disease. While McGrath Breast Care Nurses are able to support people throughout their entire breast cancer journey, the unique role of a metastatic nurse is to provide care to people who have been diagnosed with advanced, or metastatic disease ‘ referring to the stage of cancer that is incurable, having spread beyond the primary tumour site to other parts of the body.

Sam is the fourth dedicated metastatic breast care nurse appointed by the McGrath Foundation, joining three other women across Australia who provide this unique specialist support.

Metastatic care can be extremely varied and complex ‘ treatment tends to be ongoing and taxing on the body, and a dedicated specialist nurse who understands the intricacies of the treatments, as well as the emotional and psychosocial implications of advanced cancer, can guide people through this experience.

Advances in medical treatment mean that some people with metastatic breast cancer may live for many years after receiving a diagnosis. The role of a metastatic breast care nurse like Sam is to ensure the optimal quality of life for the people she supports.

Tracy Bevan, McGrath Foundation Director and Ambassador said the support of metastatic breast care nurses across Australia provided an important service to many families across Australia.

‘The needs of people with metastatic breast cancer are very specific and the demand for this support is growing,’ Tracy said.

‘Jane McGrath had a breast care nurse when her cancer returned and was metastatic ‘ as her best friend I remember how much this support helped her and the whole family. I’m so pleased that the McGrath Foundation is now providing these specialist nurses, as it means the needs of people with metastatic breast cancer can be met, and they receive the very best care and support through this challenging period of their lives.’

McGrath Foundation is incredibly grateful to our partner Pfizer, who provided the necessary support to place Sam into this much-needed role for her community.

Families in Sydney’s North Shore region can access this free service by contacting Sam on Samantha.Moules@health.nsw.gov.au.

About Sam Moules ‘ McGrath Breast Care Nurse servicing North Sydney

Born and raised in Sydney’s North Shore, Sam has been nursing since 1999. When she began her career as a breast care nurse in 2011, she worked in early breast care at the Royal North Shore, and is sadly now seeing some of those patients return as metastatic patients.

In her role, Sam provides a central guiding force for her patients.

‘My aim as a metastatic McGrath Breast Care Nurse is to provide my patients ‘ and their families ‘ with continuity and some calm in a very disorienting time in their lives

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