“Going dry this July will give me something wonderful to focus on.” – Natalie’s story

For Natalie Argus, the decision to sign up to Dry July and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation was a chance to give back to those who have been supporting her since she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

“Whilst I’m not a big drinker, the challenge for me going forward after my cancer diagnosis is to not drink alcohol at all, so Dry July seemed to be a perfect time to kickstart this and give back to the McGrath Foundation at the same time,” she says.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the Tuesday after Easter this year. Since my diagnosis, I’ve had the privilege of being assigned two amazing McGrath Breast Care Nurses; Mary who is at Toowoomba where I have to travel for my treatment which is an 8-hour round trip away, and Sue who is based in Dalby closer to home and who will be my long-term nurse.

“These two wonderful nurses have been so kind, professional and supportive in helping me navigate through my diagnosis and treatment. They both check in with me and my family, which is such a comfort, and their help extends to my checking on my family’s wellbeing too. I have two school-aged daughters and my husband who are also experiencing cancer with me. I feel so safe and well supported, knowing that I have Sue and Mary to help me.

As a nurse myself, I really admire the work they both do and feel so fortunate to be able to have access to a specialist breast care nurse, even though I live in an isolated rural town. We talk on the phone, via text or in person regularly. It’s great to know that I can ring either of them if any issues crop up.”

As well as giving up alcohol, Natalie – who celebrates her birthday in July – has also given herself the additional challenge on giving up chocolate during Dry July.

“My nurse Mary is also going to give up chocolate with me, as she also isn’t much of a drinker. We’ve agreed to support each other if we have a craving! I enjoy the challenge of a fundraiser and I also enjoy health promotion. I also love getting on social media and helping to inspire and raise awareness for my family, friends and community.

“It feels good to give back. I’m a positive person and this will keep me busy and give me something wonderful to focus on while I continue through my treatment. I would encourage anyone who is doing Dry July to support the McGrath Foundation, as 1 in 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and we all need access to this vital service.”

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