Councils Plant Jane McGrath Roses for Mother’s Day

Held on May 8, this year Mother’s Day is just four days after what would have been McGrath Foundation co-founder Jane McGrath’s 50th birthday and councils across Australia will mark both special occasions by planting a Jane McGrath Rose in May.

From Burnie, TAS, to Alice Springs in the heart of Australia, the McGrath Foundation invited a number of councils to participate in a rose-planting ceremony and fundraising event to support the Foundation and recognise Jane McGrath’s legacy.

McGrath Foundation Ambassador & Director, Tracy Bevan, said she is grateful for the support that councils and their community continue to provide the McGrath Foundation.

‘The ongoing support from local communities has been instrumental in being able to continue Jane McGrath’s mission and I’m incredibly humbled by all the councils across Australia who have showed their support for the McGrath Foundation this Mother’s Day in planting a beautiful light pink Jane McGrath Rose.

‘It’s such a wonderful opportunity to mark my dear friend Jane’s legacy, to which we have been able to support 44,000 families since 2005 through our 110 dedicated McGrath Breast Care Nurses,’ said Tracy.

The Jane McGrath Rose is specially bred for Australia’s hardy conditions by long-time McGrath Foundation corporate friend, Treloar Roses.

People wishing to plant their own Jane McGrath Rose at home in support of the McGrath Foundation simply need to visit the Treloar Roses website.

The McGrath Foundation would like to thank all councils who are holding a rose-planting ceremony in May.

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