‘But a Dream’ take the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge

Our supporters go to some incredible lengths to support McGrath Breast Care Nurses and families experiencing breast cancer, but duo Rosie and Ange may take the prize for the longest journey yet.

In December, Rosie and Ange set off from La Gomera, Tenerife to row 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. It took the team of two, that they named ‘But a Dream’, 61 days to complete the grueling journey. Now back on dry land, we asked Rosie to share a few highlights from the experience.

“There is so much to take from a challenge this involved. I was planning and preparing for four years. My favourite moment was seeing a whale up close and watching it manoeuvre around our boat as we travelled side by side for an hour. But the thing I’ll remember most is the fact that we accomplished an amazing feat. We were challenged every shift, every day, and we met some incredible people throughout our preparations and the race,” shares Rosie.

“This challenge had so many layers. It’s hard to define what the most challenging part was. I missed my two boys immensely and I didn’t appreciate how difficult this was going to be prior to starting the race. At the same time, being exposed to the conditions we faced with no break is mentally exhausting and eventually takes its toll on you.”

“I’ve experienced first-hand the amazing services McGrath Breast Care Nurses provide to their patients and I’m so incredibly grateful for the support I received. I had this unique opportunity to ‘give back’ and raise awareness and funds so that others can have the same care and support I received.”

Photo credit: Atlantic Campaigns

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