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As the festive season draws closer, we need your help more than ever. Christmas can be an intensely emotional time for families experiencing breast cancer. Make a donation this Christmas and you’ll be giving the most meaningful Christmas gift there is: guidance, expert clinical advice, advocacy with doctors and – most of all – real understanding.

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Sarah Baxter and her family

"There were so many situations that would have been more overwhelming if she wasn't there to take the pressure off"

Rikki’s help let me concentrate on being a mum, not a cancer patient. She organised appointments, gave me advice and relieved me of emotional baggage.

Sarah's story

With two kids under three, Sarah’s sudden breast cancer diagnosis came with a barrage of life-changing decisions that affected her whole family. 

When young mum Sarah Baxter first showed her two-year-old son, Calvin, the results of her double mastectomy, he looked at her with great concern on his little face. “Mummy your nipples are broken,” he said. Sarah told him, “Mate, yeah they are. They’re gone now.” And he leaned in to kiss her scars better, “Because they were sore”.

There are so many unexpected challenges that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. And that’s on top of the overwhelming challenges of treatment.

Sarah was able to take on all those challenges – including finding the right way to talk to her young children – thanks to the incredible support of her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Rikki.

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