This Christmas, give the gift of support to families just like Renee’s

It has been a tough year for all of us, but particularly for people like Renee who have had to endure breast cancer treatment alone due to COVID-19 restrictions. Families experiencing breast cancer need support now more than ever.

Make a donation this Christmas and you’ll be giving the most meaningful Christmas gift there is, guidance, expert clinical advice, advocacy with doctors and – most of all – real understanding.

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If they made a movie about Renee, she’d be the gutsy, sassy heroine who overcame all odds.

You’d see her battling the triple challenge of cancer, chemo and COVID-19 – all while pregnant.

The movie would feature Leanne, her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, along with her daughter Eden, her husband Trevor and her mum, Tracey. There’d be a guest appearance from the breast cancer itself, which Renee cheekily named Titiana the Tit Tumour.

Renee met her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Leanne, at her first appointment with her surgeon, only hours after discovering she had breast cancer.

“Due to COVID-19 Leanne had to be dialled in over speakerphone. I knew that she must be important if my surgeon was finding a way to loop her in from the beginning, but I didn’t know how crucial Leanne would become.” Renee shares.

“The first thing I asked Leanne was, ‘What about my baby?’”

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A McGrath Breast Care Nurse like Leanne supports approximately 100 families every year.

McGrath Breast Care Nurse Leanne Storer has previously worked with pregnant breast cancer patients and was very keen to ensure all the medical teams were aligned. “The first thing we did was figure out a timeline of treatment in conjunction with Renee’s pregnancy.” Leanne shared. “COVID-19 has presented a lot of challenges but we’ve found a workaround to ensure Renee and her family are fully supported.”

McGrath Breast Care Nurses like Leanne provide support at no cost to families experiencing breast cancer, but we urgently need your help to continue to fund this vital support.

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