Become a McGrath Breast Care Nurse

If you’re interested in becoming a McGrath Breast Care Nurse, you will require relevant postgraduate qualifications in breast care nursing or cancer nursing.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses are health professionals who are specially trained to manage the care of breast cancer patients throughout the course of their treatment. A McGrath Breast Care Nurse usually has a background in oncology, breast care or women's health.


To become a McGrath Breast Care Nurse, you need to:

  • Be a Registered Nurse
  • Have at least five years post-registration experience in either surgical or medical oncology
  • Ideally have at least three years experience as a breast care nurse (or related discipline)
  • Have relevant post graduate qualifications in breast care nursing or cancer nursing

In addition, all McGrath Breast Care Nurses have a genuine desire to make a difference and support families undergoing a breast cancer experience by providing them with physical, psychological and emotional support from diagnosis and right through treatment.

To find out what McGrath Breast Care Nurse positions are currently available in your area, click here.


Take a look at the websites below for more information on postgraduate courses.


The Australian College of Nursing

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