Breast Cancer Statistics

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women? See below for more statistics on breast cancer, including symptoms to be aware of. It is so important for us to know our breast cancer facts.

It's often hard to know what to say or do when a friend, family member or colleague is going through breast cancer. That's why we've put together a few simple suggestions to give you some ideas. 



As part of our mission to provide ongoing support for all families in Australia experiencing breast cancer, our McGrath Breast Care Nurses are health professionals specially trained to guide patients through their treatment.  Visit our McGrath Breast Care Nurse directory, to locate your nearest nurse.

The McGrath Foundation’s breast education programme was also developed to ensure everyone in Australia is aware of the importance of breast health, are confident in detecting changes, are knowledgeable about the risk factors for breast cancer and are checking their breasts regularly. 

The programme aims to empower everyone to look after and know their bodies, and to take action that promotes their health and wellbeing. 

Any changes should be brought to the attention of your local general practitioner.

Together with Cancer Australia, Breast Cancer Network Australia and National Breast Cancer Foundation, we make up the different shades of pink which provide breast cancer support, education, research and advocacy in Australia.