Breast Awareness. What Does it Really Mean?

Breast awareness means getting to know your breasts, so you know what’s normal for you. It’s about actively taking care of your pair! Once you’re familiar with how your breasts look and feel, you’ll be able to pick up any changes.

To be breast aware, follow this simple process and remember to repeat each month:

Look – at the shape and appearance of your breasts and nipples in the mirror with your hands by your sides. Raise your arms above your head and have another look.
Lurve – your pair. Feel all of your breasts and nipples, looking for anything that isn’t normal for you. Feel from your collarbone to below the bra-line, and under your armpit too.
Learn – what is normal for you! Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, so get to know your normal. See your doctor if you notice any changes.

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