Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


  1. The McGrath Foundation Mission

The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia as well as increasing breast awareness in young people, with a particular emphasis on young women.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses help families in Australia through breast cancer by providing invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. This support is provided free of charge and can be accessed through self-referral.

  1. Our Privacy Policy

As part of our mission we collect, use and share information including your personal information, sensitive information and other  information for all purposes intended to advance our mission including but not limited to:

a. Provision of  our services;

b. Partnering with others to provide services;

c. Improvement of our services;

d. Aiding education about breast awareness in young women.  

We do not require that you submit any personal, sensitive or other information to us. However we may not be able to provide our services to you if we do not know who you are or have other important information about you.

For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions are used:

"Personal information" means information or an opinion about a specific person who is identified by the information or whose identity can be easily ascertained from the information.  Examples of Personal Information that we may collect include your name, address, Tax File number, credit information and specific health or medical information.

“Sensitive information” includes information which may not identify a specific person but includes important information about a person such as a person’s race, religion, political opinions, affiliations, philosophy, memberships, health, genetic or criminal record etc.  

The McGrath Foundation publishes this Privacy Policy to inform you about the types of information we collect, what we might do with the information we collect and with whom we might share the collected information. 

We may update our privacy policy at any time to reflect changes required to provide our services.


  1. What types of information do we collect and transfer?

The McGrath Foundation collects and manages all information submitted to it and uses that information to advance its mission.  The information we collect is a combination of personal, sensitive, anonymous and other types of information and may include either or both of mobile phone and e-mail address.  

  1. Why do we collect, hold, use and disclose collected information?

We will collect and use all information submitted to us to advance our Mission which is set out at the beginning of this policy.

  1. With whom do we share collected information?

We will share information we collect with third parties including our contractors, volunteers, health service provider partners and marketing and promotion organisations to allow us to provide our services, to promote our mission, and to increase breast awareness in young women. The McGrath Foundation may transfer portions of the information we collect outside of Australia.  McGrath Foundation may also use "Cloud Computing" services to manage its information and those resources may be located in whole or in part outside of Australia.

We will endeavour to have all recipients of information we have collected hold that information consistent with the standards set out in this policy.

  1. How can you review information we have collected about you and request changes to be made?

At any time, you may contact us to review personal information we have collected about you.

You may request that we revise information we have collected about you.

You may request at any time to stop receipt of McGrath Foundation information or information from our partners that you may receive

To contact the McGrath Foundation please email us at or by post at the address on our website marked to the attention of The Privacy Officer

To assure the integrity of our data, prior to actioning your request to revise collected information, we may seek confirmation of your identity.

  1. What to do if you have concerns about how we collect and manage your information?

If you have any questions or concerns about how the McGrath Foundation collects and manages information we collect, please contact us at  We will endeavour to respond and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If you are dissatisfied with our response to your issue, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner regarding any issue


The McGrath Foundation will take all steps to ensure information collected is protected from:

          a.       misuse, interference and loss; and;

          b.       unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

If we no longer needs the information for any purpose, and we are not obliged to retain the information by law then we will take all reasonable steps to delete the information from our records.