Our Mission

McGrath Breast Care Nurses help individuals (and their families) experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support.

From the time of diagnosis, and throughout treatment, this support is available for free. Whether you’re in the private or public health system, support is available to you if you want it from day 1 and for as long as you need it. 

You can find a McGrath Breast Care Nurse near you and contact them directly - you don't need a referral from your GP or oncologist. 



That's why the McGrath Foundation aims to make life that little bit easier for individuals and families experiencing breast cancer.

We raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they're needed.

Jane McGrath’s empowering and comforting experience with her own breast care nurse set the mission for the Foundation, which has become an enduring commitment to the thousands of women and men affected by breast cancer.

Jane felt strongly that anyone going through breast cancer should have the same opportunity to benefit from the unique support of a breast care nurse. So in addition to making breast health understanding a priority, the McGrath Foundation raises money to ensure that the thousands of women and men experiencing breast cancer can have the support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse, no matter where they live – for free.

We fund 120 McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia, who have supported more than 64,000 families.

Click here to find a McGrath Breast Care Nurse near you.


“I love being able to empower people to find their strength in what is an incredibly challenging period in their lives.

— Mary Sweeney, McGrath Breast Care Nurse