Since 2005, the McGrath Foundation has placed 120 McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia and supported 64,000 families experiencing breast cancer.

We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve. You can check out some of our key milestones on the timeline below.


Our friends, our stories, together

Clare Bradshaw McGrath Breast Care Nurse
Jo Beven McGrath Breast Care Nurse

Kristie was diagnosed with two types of rare breast cancer. Both she and her husband, Steve were supported by Bunbury McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Donna Cook who helped them understand what to expect from Kristie's treatment and helped Kristie understand what Steve was going through.

Clare Bradshaw is a Freemantle-based McGrath Breast Care Nurse. She operates in a multi-disciplinary team which sees her work closely with her patients' doctors to collaboratively develop a plan of care. Clare is proud to be supported by Cricket Cares which saw donations through cricket fund her position.

Jo Beven is a McGrath Breast Care Nurse based in regional town, Broken Hill. She cares for local patients and travels via The Royal Flying Doctor Service to treat remote patients such as Jill Crozier who live in outer regions. Jo has been able to provide Jill with support that would not have otherwise been available and the pair have developed an invaluable relationship as a result.

  • My McGrath Breast Care Nurse helped put things into perspective, was able to alleviate my fears and make my journey bearable.
    Sharon Neeson
  • I don’t know how I would have survived mentally and physically without my McGrath Breast Care Nurse’s cheery visits and phone calls each week.
    Rosemary Fulton
  • My McGrath Breast Care Nurse has made one of the most stressful times in my life that much more bearable. She has met my mum, daughter and son and made herself available to them too.
    Marteen Ellis
  • Living on a farm in rural South Australia you can often feel isolated and forgotten. But Helen, my McGrath Breast Care Nurse, often rings to check on me.
    Dale Telfer
  • This is my second time with breast cancer and the difference in information from eight years ago has been fabulous. What a wonderful legacy left by Jane.
    Kaylene Rudd
  • I often wonder what women did before this wonderful service. I will be forever grateful. I sincerely thank you.
    Carole Callander
  • She becomes the trusted go-to- person - the voice of reason- the calm amid the storm.
    Kaye Dunn
  • I feel privileged to have a highly skilled specialist nurse available to me. Her capacity to liaise with doctors, surgeons & oncologists has proven invaluable. Couldn’t imagine my journey without her.
    Suzanne Tory
  • My McGrath Breast Care Nurse saved my sanity, lifted me up when I was down and she truly was my guardian angel. She kept me strong and positive. I will love her for the rest of my life – she is a blessing in my life.
    Kathryn Parton
  • It really helped having someone to talk to and someone who understood. The first time I was diagnosed there was nobody, the difference this time was terrific.
    Gwenda Pritchett
  • What a wonderful and caring McGrath Breast Care Nurse my daughter has, she is, as they say, heaven sent. The way she explained things to me about my daughter's illness has given me much relief from stress and worry.
    Kevin Rankin
  • I live in a rural town and it was excellent to have a McGrath Breast Care Nurse here and not have the added trauma and expense of travelling to a larger city.
    Margie Lubke
  • My McGrath Breast Care Nurse has helped me tremendously with information and making sure I fully understood about the chemotherapy. She has been so supportive even when I have phoned in tears.
    Jeanne Baker
  • Having a McGrath Breast Care Nurse organise all the little things makes such a huge difference in creating that extra comfort. It is nice to know that she is there and is willing to sit with you and have a chat or drop in just to say ‘hello’.
    Mercedes Swanson
  • Had it not been for Tracy, Jane and the Foundation, I don’t know what would have happened to me.
    Annette Fong:
  • I didn’t feel as alone as I did in the beginning because I knew that our McGrath Breast Care Nurse was only a phone call away should I need help – not just for my wife, but for ME.
    Dave Hawkins:
  • I see my McGrath nurses as my friends, confidants and they truly are amongst the most dedicated nurturing souls I have ever met. I hope that this service is extended so that all women and men can have access to such a wonderful network of people.
    Sue Kitching