About the McGrath Foundation

A story well known in Australia, Jane and Glenn McGrath’s much-publicised experience with breast cancer led to the formation of what has become one of Australia’s most respected and recognised charities, the McGrath Foundation.

Because of their experience came the belief that every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia should have access to the support of a breast care nurse shaping the McGrath Foundation’s mission is to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia has access to a breast care nurse no matter where they live or their financial situation. The Foundation estimates 150 McGrath Breast Care Nurses are needed to achieve this. Only then, will every family in this situation have access to optimal care.

Today, the McGrath Foundation is considered to be one of Australia’s leading breast cancer support organisations, with over 36,000 Australian families supported by our 105 McGrath Breast Care Nurses nationally. Click here to meet our McGrath Breast Care Nurses and you can also visit our National Breast Care Nurse Directory to find your closest breast care nurse.

With a McGrath Breast Care Nurse in every State and Territory throughout Australia, families experiencing breast cancer can self refer to their nearest McGrath Breast Care Nurse (ie they do not require a medical referral) and be supported by one of our McGrath Breast Care Nurses free of charge.

At the same time, the McGrath Foundation is working to increase breast awareness right across the community and 2013 will see the launch of an education strategy to ensure a more informed population of young Australian women experiencing the best health they can through a better understanding of their bodies and breast health.

Jane’s breast cancer diagnosis at only 31 made her passionate about encouraging all women, including younger women (under 40), to be breast aware by regularly checking their breasts for any changes. The McGrath Foundation’s breast awareness initiative, Curve Lurve, has been developed to ensure the next generation of Australian women are breast aware. 

Everyday, the Australian community supports the McGrath Foundation by making donations, hosting or attending community events or purchasing pink products in our name. Given this we are committed to ensuring all donated funds are used as efficiently as possible to help us achieve our mission. In this context, and based on our financial results for 2012/ 2013, we currently spend 80 per cent of funds on realising our mission.

One woman’s experience has seen a team of passionate and dedicated people come together and step up to the challenge of making life with breast cancer in Australia just that little bit easier. Until there is a cure for breast cancer, we are committed to working to provide as much support as we can for families facing a breast cancer experience through the funding of our McGrath Breast Care Nurses nationally.

With the help of the Australian public, the Federal Government, our generous Corporate Friends and our supportive Foundation Friends, everyone at the McGrath Foundation continues to work tirelessly to achieve our mission of a breast care nurse for every Australian family experiencing breast cancer, and to ensure all young women are breast aware.

As we say at the McGrath Foundation – together, we can make a difference!


More Information

To find out more about the McGrath Foundation's work please download our annual report and financial statement below:

McGrath Foundation Annual Report 2014

McGrath Foundation Financial Report 2014

1These figures come from our FY13 Financial Statements. As part of our commitment to financial transparency, the Foundation is audited at the end of every tax year and we then prepare and lodge full financial statements with the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC).


There’s so much that individuals can do for themselves, especially young women, who are told time and time again that breast cancer is not going to happen to them. They’re the ones with careers and families and they are the ones we are losing. It saddens and angers me because it needn’t happen.
Jane McGrath, Founder, McGrath Foundation (1966-2008)
Everyone knows real men wear pink!
Glenn McGrath, Founder and Chairman, McGrath Foundation
As long as there is a family out there experiencing breast cancer and needing our help, or a young girl out there who needs additional support, the McGrath Foundation will continue to try to make a difference.
Tracy Bevan, Executive Director, McGrath Foundation
The simple fact is that we couldn’t do what we do without the help of everyone out there. I’m continuously blown away to see how generous people are and I know Jane would be so proud of how far we’ve all come.
Glenn McGrath, Founder and Chairman, McGrath Foundation
We still have a lot of work to do in terms of increasing the number of McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia, as well as educating younger women to be breast aware, but Jane’s passion to see these things done, and overwhelming community support, means we are well and truly on our way. I couldn’t be more proud.
Glenn McGrath, Founder and Chairman, McGrath Foundation
Jane was my beautiful best friend and I promised her we would do everything within our power to keep her dream alive.
Tracy Bevan, Executive Director, McGrath Foundation
Jane would want those women who are battling breast cancer to stay strong. She would want them to draw strength from the fact she didn’t only ‘survive’ breast cancer for 11 years, but she lived life to the fullest and found pleasure in the simple things so many people take for granted.
Glenn McGrath, Founder and Chairman, McGrath Foundation
Breast cancer has taught me many things. Amongst them, not to be afraid. Face your demons and regain your power. To take responsibility of your health and look after yourself. To put yourself first sometimes so that you can be there for others. To gather information, but most importantly, to listen to yourself and never underestimate the power, strength and courage we all have within us.
Jane McGrath, Founder, McGrath Foundation (1966-2008)
We never saw this as something that just affected Jane. It was something that affected our entire family and our friends. In this way, it’s just as much a bloke’s issue and our nurses are there for the entire family unit.
Glenn McGrath, Founder and Chairman, McGrath Foundation
Having access to a breast care nurse allowed me to be Jane McGrath, the friend, the mother and the wife – not just Jane McGrath, the breast cancer patient.
Jane McGrath, Founder, McGrath Foundation (1966-2008)
…it was in 2003 when I was re-diagnosed that I realised the importance of having a breast care nurse, something I was fortunate enough to access for the first time. Someone who could answer the questions only a nurse could answer whilst also being the support I needed to unload my frustrations and emotions.
Jane McGrath, Founder, McGrath Foundation (1966-2008)
We won’t stop until every woman affected by breast cancer and their families have access to a breast care nurse because we know from personal experience how important these nurses are.
Glenn McGrath, Founder and Chairman, McGrath Foundation